Sorry about this fic, I just can't identify with Mew. ^_^;;

by Leto

Tell me, if you can: What use is power?

I see no use.

Power can't be defined, but people try. They certainly do try. They always try, even when they have no hope of succeeding. Stubborn.

Some even call me 'power itself'. Nobody can be power. Everybody is power.

I'm bored, here. I thought it would be fun being one of a kind. There are no other Mew, so I'm an individual.

There's nothing fun in it. No friends, nobody to even talk to. My thoughts are my own and I can't share them with anyone.

And because I'm one of a kind, everyone wants me. When I was a child, I was stupid, and thought that was because they were friendly. But I lost that. It's a good thing. Naivety makes trouble, and now I won't get caught ever.

But childlike innocence had something going for it. When I was little, I thought the world liked me. I trusted everyone.

My body is still little, but my mind has evolved. Pokemon like me, like Abra, Drowzee... there are evolutions to us that humans don't see. We deal with the mind, so that's where our true evolutions take place.

It's dark here. It's always dark, and I hate it. I have to protect my power by hiding. No wonder I'm resentful of the world. Power shouldn't have to be protected. I don't know what power is, but the humans think they do, and if I have it, I don't want anyone else to have access to it.

More humans are coming. They're always coming. I stand, and rise into the air to meet them. They know I'm here.

You know, I'm tired of this. They can take me. I give up.


A pair of purple eyes open. It scans the world, seeing things in a new way. Its eyes are shadowed.

"You can't ever give up," it says, "I shouldn't have. But now, I can recognise power. I am power."

Mewtwo stands and begins to destroy the laboratory where it finds itself.

It was the human's fault for not respecting a power greater than them.

But humans never can.

It is their way.

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